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NIGERIA: Anglican Province Now Over 25 Million in Unique Discipleship Program

"We are not simply making new converts, we are making disciples for Christ," said the Rt. Rev. Ikechi Nwachukwu Nwosu, Bishop of Umuahia in Eastern Nigeria. His diocese was started 15 years ago and now has 1.2 million practicing Anglicans in five dioceses out of a population of 2.5 million. This is typical of the growth throughout Nigeria.

"The 1+1+3 program means that one person leads one person to Christ and disciples them intensively for three years. Every Anglican, from archbishops to bishops to lay people, must fulfill this requirement in order to reach Nigeria’s 120 million (I like this the plan is to convert a whole nation lets see some of the American and English Bishops do some Math. How long would it take to convert all of America? All of England. Oh forget it the world? ambitious yes, realistic who cares? We are Christians converting the whole world is exactly what we are called to do). Every Anglican is a one on one agent of conversion. Each must disciple that one person for three years and then that person must disciple someone else. It has had a multiplying effect. This is why the church is growing. Archbishop Peter Akinola, Primate of Nigeria started the program in 2004. It was his vision for multiplying the Anglican presence in Nigeria. He did it to effectively combat crime and ills in Nigerian society, which were rapidly increasing at that time.

According to the bishop, said the intensified program of evangelism and discipleship, which is promulgated by the Church’s Mission Committee, is done by all the bishops’ clergy and laity of the province. "That is the secret of our success. The House of Bishops and laity are all kept informed about the progress in evangelism and discipleship. As a result, we have needed to create whole new dioceses with the more outgoing evangelical clergy willing to make the sacrifices to do the work at minimal cost. "I carved a new diocese out here (Eastern Nigeria) and I told the primate and he carried it to the HOB. We pioneered it and it has been taken up by other dioceses. We now have three new dioceses."(If you build it they will come. Just imagine it the idea is fantastic. the number of clergy we would need would grow exponentially which I think is a good thing)

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I very much like this Idea and think we should adopt it. Not Universally (the last thing we need is more progressives) it is clear to me that part of why this program works so well is that you get 1 intensive formation for 3 years(if it is done right), and 2 the Orthodoxy involved. It is true that where there is Orthodoxy there the Church lives.

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